Choosing the right consulting firm is one of the most important decision you will make in your career. In addition to the financial benefits, there are many things to consider before choosing the right firm or deciding to remain independent. We understand the steps involved are complicated and recommend starting the process by getting answers to these smart questions.


When is my invoice or timesheet due?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • As an Independent Contractor, you have the option to submit your invoice as often as you like: Weekly, End of your hitch, Monthly, or per the client’s requirements. However, invoices submitted severely late may result in delayed payment.
  • As a W-2 Contract Employee timesheets are due no later than 8:00 AM (CST) every Wednesday. Timesheets must be approved by your supervisor in order to be processed for payroll.



Who do I contact if I have questions, or need to make changes/adjustments with my invoice or timesheet?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • You can contact your recruiter.
  • Or you can click on the “?” (help button) in the timesheet portal to get answers to the most common timesheet/onboarding questions.



I submitted the receipt for my expense but did not receive the reimbursement. What happened?

W-2 Contractor
  • Expenses need to be manually entered with receipt attached as back up. Receipts that are submitted, but not entered as expense, will not be captured in payroll.
  • You can refer to the HELP section on your time and expense website for additional information.



How do I submit my invoice or timesheet?

1099 Independent Consultant (Invoice) W-2 Contractor (Timesheet)


What are my options if I submit a late timesheet or my timesheet wasn’t approved in time?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • As an Independent Contractor, you are allowed to submit your invoice at any time.
  • Late timesheets will be processed for the following weeks payroll. Under special circumstances, we may be able to pay you on your pay card you received upon signing up.
  • Processing timesheets and payroll outside our normal schedule may result in possible processing fees.



If I make a mistake on my invoice or timesheet and it’s already been submitted or approved, what should I do?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • Contact your Personnel Agent and he/she will work with you and your approver to correct your invoice.
  • Contact your recruiter and your supervisor to reject your timesheet in order for you to correct it in time for payroll.




Who do I contact if I change my banking information?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor


Where to I go to access my Invoices or paystubs?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • Previously submitted 1099 invoices are available when you log into the invoicing portal.  1099’s are emailed in January but YTD Earned Income Reports are available by request.  Contact your Personnel Agent to obtain a copy.



Do you have an app for invoicing?

Currently, we do not.  Although we are constantly evaluating and developing new ways to make the invoice and timesheet process more efficient and easier to use.


Do you have an app for payroll?

Yes, we do have an app for you to view your paycheck. (Paychex Flex in the App store).


As a 1099 Independent Consultant, I just submitted my invoice and received the confirmation email. Do I need to do anything with the attached documents that were emailed to me? (Texas and Colorado Workers Comp forms)

These only need to be done annually.  If you recently signed up, you can disregard these forms until the next calendar year.


What is the paycard for?

1099 Independent Consultant (Invoice) W-2 Contractor (Timesheet)
  • 1099 Independent Consultants do not receive a paycard.
  • New Tech Global Rig Personnel provides every employee a paycard during the onboarding process.  Employees who do not have a bank account will receive their paycheck on the paycard.  
  • We encourage all employees to keep their paycard (even if they have a bank account) in case we need to provide same day pay or an emergency advance.
  • Our paycards will be mailed to you when you initiate onboarding.  It is like a debit card; you can pay bills online, use it to purchase items or withdraw money with no fees at approved ATM locations.


When will I receive my 1099 or W-2 to file my taxes?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • Your 1099 will be emailed at the beginning of each year.  
  • Any changes in address or tax filing status needs to be documented on an updated W-9. Please contact your Personnel Agent to request a change.
  • W-2’s will be mailed out at the beginning of each year, or you can access your W-2 by logging into your Paychex account.
  • It is important to make sure you contact information is updated.  You can do this by contacting your recruiter or hr@ntglobal.com



Why are my taxes so high?

As a W-2 employee, if you think your taxes are too high it may be due to the information you provided on your W-4.  It is best to contact your tax professional for any tax advice.

Additionally, if you are working a rotation, please notify your recruiter and onboarding team so we can provide you additional documents to fill out.


How to I change my W-4 or Direct Deposit information?

W-2 Contractor
  • You can do this anytime by logging into your Paychex account.  It may take 24-48 hours for your information to update.



Why is my address not updating in the invoice portal? (How do I update my contact information?)

The invoicing portal will update your address within 24 hours.  If you have any issues, it’s best to contact your Personnel Agent:  They will have to send you a new W-9 to fill out as well.



What kind of benefits do you offer?

1099 Independent Consultant W-2 Contractor
  • In addition to the legal protection we have provided our contractors for over 25 years.  NTG has developed partnerships to provide Independent Contractors discounts for Well Control Certification and FR clothing, as well as an avenue to purchase health benefits for you and your family.
  • Contact your Personnel Agent for more information.

As a W-2 employee you are eligible for the following:


  • Health Benefits (including Vision and Dental)
    •  NTG Covers up to 75% of Employee only and up to 36% for Employee and Family
  • 401K with company match
  • Workers Comp
  • Unemployment


When will I be notified about health benefits?

  • After completion of onboarding, you will have access to Paychex where you can access the Benefits Administration page and elect your health benefit coverage.
  • Health Benefit coverage is effective on the 1st of the month following 60 days of full-time employment.


Where to I go to sign up for health benefits and when can I sign up for health benefits?

1099 Independent Consultant (Invoice) W-2 Contractor (Timesheet)

Below is a link for you to access options to purchase health benefits:


  • Log into myapps.paychex.com and in the main menu locate Benefits Administration.
  • You may also email hr@ntglobal.com for additional information.
  • It is recommended to do this through your computer versus mobile phone.


I’m going to work, can I choose to be a 1099 Consultant or W-2 Contractor?

No, employment classification is determined by New Tech Global Client or our Legal Counsel.

If I’m not happy with my current assignment, can you find me another one?

Absolutely, we NTG has contracts with over 200 clients in the Energy sector.  With our network, we have the ability to find you the right assignment you’re looking for.

As a W-2 Contractor, am I entitled to vacation, sick, maternity, or bereavement pay?

Depending on your assignment, the client you are working for or the state you are working in, you may be entitled to one or more of the above.


How easy is it to sign up as a 1099 Independent Consultant? (How long does it take?)

Sign-up is very easy.  Our Personnel Agents will send you electronic documents to fill out via DocuSign.  This process can take between 10 – 15 minutes.  Additional compliance requirements (i.e., drug test, background check, or additional client requirements can take 24 – 48 hours to receive the results, and then you’re ready to go to work. 

Once the documents are completed and uploaded into our database, your invoicing portal will be created, and instructions will be sent on how to submit an invoice.

Do you provide PPE?

Depending on client requirements, we do provide certain types of PPE.

Below is a link for additional discounted PPE: